Shower Or Bath: Which Is the Better Option?

shower or bathDo you prefer a shower or a bath? Both are valid ways to get clean, but is one way better than the other? Does one do a better job of cleaning the body? Does one save more water?

Which Saves More Water?

An average bath tub holds 35 gallons of water. Bathers will usually fill it to about two-thirds to three-quarters of the way, or about 25 gallons.

For showers, showerheads emit about 2.5 gallons of water per minute. Unless your showers average more than 10 minutes, showers beat baths in the water-saving department.

With showers, you can save even more water by using a low-flow showerhead. We highly recommend these; our residential plumbers install them all the time for homeowners. Our commercial plumbers do the same for public facilities, including hotel and locker room shower stalls.

Which More Effectively Cleans the Body?

This one is kind of a tossup. In a way, bathing is better because soaking in water is more effective at shedding dead skin cells. Then again, bathing does mean you’re soaking in water filled with your bodily grime and residual soap. For the best solution, we recommend a bath followed by a quick shower to rinse yourself.

Bathing Is More Therapeutic

Taking a bath has the advantage of being soothing. This is especially the case if you set the mood by lighting candles, burning incense, and using herbal oils. If water usage is a concern, then consider just filling the tub a little more than halfway.

We Perform Bath and Shower Stall Installations

Regardless of which hygiene method you prefer, you can always benefit from a fixture upgrade. Call South County Plumbing today to transition to a water-saving shower spout. We have discounts for such services. This makes for a nice renovation, regardless of whether you prefer a shower or a bath.

Shower and Bath Fixture Upgrades

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