Summer Plumbing Maintenance for Lynnwood Homes

summer plumbing maintenanceHouseholds tend to use their plumbing system more aggressively during the summer. This is no surprise given the heat wave and the kids’ being out of school. With higher use comes summer plumbing maintenance on the homeowner’s end.

Showerhead Replacement

Some people shower twice or even three times a day during summer. Consider replacing the showerheads with Energy Star water-saving models.

On the subject of bathing, stick to cold showers. Some people are addicted to warm showers even in the summer. Make a habit of using cold water. This gives the heater a break. Plus, cold showers keep you cool by lowering your body temperature.

Monitor Toilet Use

More people at home means more use of the toilet. Consequently, this means more flushes. The number one cause of toilet backflow is a clog from too much toilet paper. Instruct your children to only use three TP squares per wipe. We can’t tell you the vast amount of toilet paper our emergency plumbers discover when fixing a toilet.

Be Mindful of Shrub Roots

Homeowners tend to take up gardening during the summer. Be mindful of location if planning larger shrubs or even a baby tree. Be careful not to dig into a waterline. Also, plant at least several feet away from the pipelines. Growing roots can rupture pipes.

Watch What Goes Down the Garbage Disposal

Summer means a lot of backyard barbecuing. All the food scraps, though, should go into the trash. Corn on the cob, chicken bones, partially consumed hot dogs, and kabob skewers have no place in the garbage disposal.

We do Summer Plumbing Maintenance

Our residential plumbers handle every common summertime problem under the sun. The same goes for commercial plumbers who handle maintenance for Lynnwood facilities. Give South County Plumbing a call as part of a preventive summer plumbing maintenance.

Summertime Plumbing Repairs

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