Do You Need a Whole-House Plumbing Inspection?

whole-house plumbing inspectionYour home could use a whole-house plumbing inspection in the way your body could benefit from an annual health exam. As suggested in its name, this is an inspection that examines every component of the plumbing system in your property. We’ll go into more detail about why this contributes to the health of your home.

Whole-House Plumbing Inspection: What Does It Include?

With a whole-home inspection, the exam includes:

  • All plumbing fixtures for the bathroom, kitchen, and utility rooms
  • The hoses, valves, and drains for the washer and dryer
  • All piping, including potable, condensation, gas, waste and vent, and combustible vent pipes.
  • The toilet for leaks and worn caulking
  • The isolation valves
  • The heater components for signs of leaks and corrosion

An inspector will construct a record of all items in good condition, what’s in acceptable condition, and what needs immediate attention. Residences and apartment complex owners should schedule a whole-home exam at least once a year.

The Benefits of a Whole-House Inspection

Just as health screenings can prevent cancer and other ailments, plumbing inspections of the whole home can prevent emergency plumbing issues down the line. An affordable inspection can save you the hassle of far more expensive diagnosis and repairs. More importantly, homeowners receive peace of mind knowing that a leak, backup, or low water pressure won’t occur out of the blue.

Our commercial plumbers do whole-business inspections as well. An out-of-order toilet or other plumbing issue can be detrimental for business.

We’ll Inspect Your House’s Entire Plumbing

With the year coming to an end, this is a good time to begin the upcoming New Year on a high note. Call South County Plumbing to arrange a whole-house plumbing inspection; the service will pay for itself down the line.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Whole-House and Whole-Business Plumbing Inspection

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