What Are Not Dishwasher-Safe Items?

dishwasher-safe itemsMany of our past posts have focused on the drain, toilet, and faucets. We’ve kind of neglected the dishwasher, which can also be the location of many plumbing woes. We’ll list the type of dishes and items that are never dishwasher-safe.

Items to Keep Out of the Dishwasher

Food-Covered Dishes

Not all dishwashers have garbage disposal capabilities; some only have filters. The hot water and water jets may break up some of the food particles, but these can clog the filter. If you system only has a filter, you must clear food debris before loading dishes into the washer. This goes for commercial dishwashers as well. Next to a poorly maintained grease trap, a clogged dishwasher pipe is the next most commonplace repair for our commercial plumbers.

Stickers and Labels on Dishes

People tend to leave the sticker labels on newly purchased dishware. Other homeowners create labels for reusable jars that they use when canning their own food. Either way, these labels can become loose in the dishwasher and make their way to the drain. Our residential plumbers often find remnants of labels when clearing out pipes.

Dishwashers can Damage These Items

The above items can damage the dishwasher by clogging the pipes. Dishwashers, though, can also damage certain dishware, including the items below:

Repaired Dishware

Superglue fixes everything, including broken dishes and utensils. We recommend you wash these items by hand. The adhesive can become loose due to the heat of the dishwater cycle.

Insulated Mugs

Insulated mugs are made from hollow material. The mugs can lose their insulation properties if water seeps inside.

We Install and Repair Faulty Dishwashers

The dishwasher is just as much a part of the plumbing system as the faucets, toilets, and showers. Call South County Plumbing if the appliance begins acting up. We have discounts for such repairs. For long-lasting reliability, only load items which are dishwasher-safe.

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Dishwasher Installation and Repairs

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