What Drain Flies Indicate About Your Plumbing

drain fliesHomeowners may occasionally see drain flies, which shouldn’t be confused with fruit flies. The pests typically gather around the sink and near the drain. They’re not harmful, but the critters are an eyesore and may also be a sign of a hidden plumbing issue.

What Are Drain Flies?

These little bugs are moth-like gnats that gather around moist areas. Sink drains tend to accumulate an organic gelatinous substance that’s invisible to the naked eye. Drain flies lay their eggs in this slime.

How to Remove Drain Flies

If you spot drain flies, determine which drain is attracting their presence. Do this by placing a strip of masking or duct tape sticky-side up near the drain. Let the tape sit overnight. This will catch some of the flies as they fly in and out of the drain and help you identify the affected drain.

Removing drain flies is a simple process. You need to remove the gelatinous substance around the drain. Clean the entire sink basin using an enzyme drain cleaner and stiff brush. Bleach and boiling water works as well.

Drain Flies May Indicate a Leak

A heavy drain fly presence may be a sign of a hidden leak. Water can seep into the walls and create a humid environment for the gnats to thrive. Aside from cleaning the drain, we also recommend contacting a residential plumber to double check for any burst pipes.

We’ll Fix the Leak

If you suspect a leak, then contact South County Plumbing. We’ll fix the leak, which in turn should halt the spread of drain flies, provided of course, that you regularly clean the drain. Check out our latest discounts and deals. We don’t directly remove drain flies, but our emergency plumbers will fix a leak that serves as the breeding ground.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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