Is Your Water Boiler Kettling?

water boiler kettlingThe sound of a kettle boiling is welcoming when you’re preparing tea. You do not, however, want to hear your water boiler kettling. You’ll recognize the sound as a deep rumbling noise when the unit is in operation. It’s not a problem to ignore. Call an emergency plumber to come examine your boiler.

What Causes a Boiler to Kettle?

Kettling occurs due to a lime scale buildup on the heat exchanger. This is the pipe that water travels through while it’s being heated. The buildup restricts water flow and causes it to become trapped in the exchanger. The trapped water continues to heat and eventually turns into vapor. Water expands by about 1600 times as it vaporizes. The expansion places tremendous pressure on the exchanger pipe.

Frequent kettling negatively impacts the boiler’s efficiency. If the boiler has to work harder, then that operating it more expensive. In the worst case, scenario, the exchanger might rupture. This isn’t likely, however, since most modern boilers have a number of safety mechanisms in place that automatically shut the unit down before serious damage occurs.

Kettling is especially common in regions known for a high concentration of hardwater. The Lynnwood area, and most of Pacific Northwest for that matter, have mostly soft water. Nevertheless, our residential plumbers routinely fix kettling boilers. These repairs often revel heat exchangers badly clogged from years of calcium salt buildup.

A rumbling boiler may also be due to other causes, such as an incorrect setting, a faulty thermostat, or improper installation. In any case, a good plumber will be able to diagnose the cause.

We’ll Fix a Kettling Water Boiler

Schedule a visit with a South County Plumbing plumber if you have noticed your boiler kettling on more than one occasion. Our discounts and deals include services related to your boiler and furnace. A kettling water boiler is not an issue you want to put on the backburner.

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