The Dangers of a Pinhole Leak on Your Copper Plumbing

pinhole leakIn professional plumbing, there is a saying that there is no such thing as a small leak. This is especially true with respect to a pinhole leak. The holes leaking water from the pipes may be small, but they can cause enormous damage over time. We’ll explain what a pinhole leak is and why you need to bring in an emergency plumber if you suspect this type of pipe leakage.

What Are Pinhole Leaks?

The word “pinhole” may lead some to believe a pinhole leak is a minor issue; it is far from minor. This type of leak occurs primarily in copper pipes.

Copper is usually touted as being corrosion resistant, though this isn’t entirely true. It’s actually prone to one type of corrosion called pitting corrosion. This is a form of corrosion believed to result from formaldehyde in the air. Exposure to formaldehyde causes copper to become dull and form grayish patches. Some of these patches give way, forming small holes.

Why Pinhole Leaks Are Problematic

The leak can cause extensive damage to the drywall and wall studs. It can also cause wood rot if the water gets on the floor. The exact location of the leak can also be difficult to locate. This is why it’s essential to leave the diagnoses to a residential plumber. Pinhole leaks are also problematic because the homeowner almost never notices them.

A typical leak doesn’t stay small. It often progresses and eventually causes a loss in water pressure, thus alerting the homeowner that something is wrong. A pinhole leak, however, is too small to cause water pressure loss. This is why homeowners seldom detect them until much damage has already been done.

We Detect and Repair Pinhole Leaks

Schedule an annual inspection by calling South County Plumbing. Our discounts and deals keep these inspections affordable. This is the best way to detect early signs of a pinhole leak.

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Pinhole Leak Detection and Repair

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