5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas for 2017

Bathroom Renovation ideaHome remodeling is a common New Year’s resolution. While it’s usually the living room and kitchen that receive the most attention, the bathroom can benefit from a facelift of its own. Whether it’s a new bathtub or a water-efficient toilet, our residential plumbers can install any fixture connected to your home’s pipeline. Here is a list of bathroom renovation ideas to help kick start 2017.

Ideas for a Bathroom Renovation

1. Multiple Shower Heads

Many homeowners are adding more than one shower head. This often consists of the main shower head and several body jets located on the side of the shower stall. The jets spray mist, giving you a gentle shower massage.

2. Jacuzzi Tubs

Turn your bathroom into a miniature spa by adding a jacuzzi tub. Jacuzzis are great for alleviating sore muscles. What better way to relax after a long day at work? Jacuzzi tubs are available both as built-in and freestanding units.

3. Urinal

Our commercial plumbers routinely install urinals for public facilities. However, they’re also becoming a trend for home bathrooms. They’re also ideal for man-caves that don’t have enough space to accommodate a whole bathroom.

4. Bidet

Bidets are more common in European countries, though they’re slowly becoming an American trend. A bidet is a device used for washing your buttocks or sex organ. It’s usually installed in the toilet bowl, though it can also be a stand-alone fixture.

5. Squatting Toilet

Squatting toilets are a mainstay in some Asian countries. They’re supposedly superior to traditional toilets because defacating while in a squatting position places less stress on the rectum.

We’ll Install New Bathroom Additions

Contact South County Plumbing to have any addition added to your bathroom. While we’re not a home remodeling business, we can handle any plumbing installation for the items described above. Saving money is another common resolution, which is why we also provide discounts and deals. With these bathroom renovation ideas, your bathroom will go from ordinary to 2.0.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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