Some of the Craziest Things We Found in a Pipe

Things Found in a PipeA drain pipe backup is typically caused by a combination of soap scum, hair, and grease. Our emergency plumbers, though, have crazy stories about some of the unusual things found in a pipe. It’s perplexing what some people throw down a drain. Here is a fun and OMG list of items that were found either by our own plumbers or relayed from those we worked with.

Our Crazy List of Things Found in a Pipe


Clothing is an item we actually find quite often. This includes everything you expect to find in a wardrobe—boxer briefs, t-shirts, sweatpants, and even training bras.


Jewelry is also quite common, especially smaller items such as rings. We have all heard stories of people setting their wedding bands on the soap dish and then accidently knocking them down the drain. Take it from us when we say that this happens more often than you would expect.


One of our residential plumbers was once called in to retrieve a set of dentures that fell down the drain. This is actually not that surprising when you think about it. Dentures need to be removed and rinsed. Let your fingers slip when running water over the dentures, and down the drain it goes.

Six-Pack of Beer

This is one of the weirder instances that came from another plumber. Supposedly, the handyman discovered a six-pack of beer as the source of a clogged pipe. How the homeowner managed to get a six-pack of beer down the drain is anyone’s guess.

We’ll Clear any Drain Regardless of the Source of the Clog

Call South County Plumbing to clear a backup. Our residential and commercial plumbers have dealt with some strange drain clearing scenarios over the years. Regardless of the things we find in a pipe, we can clear the obstruction and get the water flowing again.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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