Improve Bathroom Aesthetics with an Escutcheon Installation

Escutcheon InstallationWhat the heck is an escutcheon? It’s certainly a weird name, but it’s a common fixture you likely have in your bathroom. An Escutcheon is a round metallic disc that covers the hole in the wall through which a pipe enters the room. Does it serve a functional purpose? Nope. But your bathroom looks much more appealing with one in place. Our residential plumbers can install an escutcheon for you, though this is a fairly straightforward DIY job.

Installing an Escutcheon Is Easy

If the escutcheon on your toilet pipe or shower head is badly rusted, then it’s time for a replacement. Most can easily be removed with basic or no tools at all. The shower head escutcheon, for example, can usually be removed by simply removing the shower head. Once that’s out of the way, you can simply pull the escutcheon away from the wall and through the shower arm. Slip on the replacement escutcheon and reattach the shower head; easy peasy.

Other escutcheons, such as those with a shut-off valve in front of it, require a few more steps. First, you will need to switch off the valve. The valve will then need to be removed. This can be done with a wrench for a threaded-on valve. If it’s a soldered-on valve, then it may be welded onto the escutcheon. In this case, you will need a sturdy pair of shears or tin snips to cut through the stamped metal holding the valve and escutcheon together.

We Do the Installation

If you would rather not mess with the pipes, then contact South County Plumbing. Our residential and commercial plumbers can install a new escutcheon as part of a bigger plumbing task. We often install a new escutcheon as a complementary add-on when handling emergency plumbing issues where the existing escutcheon has to be removed anyway.

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